Sightseeing in Berlin

While I am in Berlin for the Rammstein show at the Waldbuhne stage on july 8th, I also want to do some sightseeing in the city.
The main thing I want to do is visiting the famous Berlin Zoo.
But I also would like to visit the Berlin Wall Memorial and the Fernsehturm.

I also had some plans to visit some Rammstein related sites in Berlin. But sadly most of them are closed for various reasons or on private property.
The only places I can visit are the “U-Bahnhof Deutsche Oper”, were they did part of the shoot for the “Mein Teil” video and the former Staatsratsgebäude, were they did the shoot for the “Ich Will” video.

You can find the full schedule of this trip HERE.

Reacties zijn gesloten.