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SUNTREK offered adventure tours and active travel in small groups in the USA (incl. Alaska), Canada, Mexico, Central America, Honduras, Costa Rica, Belize, Guatemala, South America, Ecuador, Galapagos, Peru, Brazil, Argentina.

SUNTREK was a reputable small group adventure tour operator. The groups are accompanied by a tour leader / guide / driver and travel in 15- seater maxi-vans. Choice of camping tours or lodging tours (overnight stays in hotels, cabins, hostel or ranches).

SUNTREK provided the camping equipment and cooking gear for all adventure camping treks.

SUNTREK’s active and adventure tours offered sightseeing and activities such as horseback riding, rafting, hiking, helicopter flights, boat tours, jeep tours, mountain biking and many more. The travelers get to explore famous national parks, tribal parks, archeological sites, ruins and nature areas like the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Monument Valley, the Everglades, Denali, Acadia, Mount Rushmore, Zion, Bryce, Arches, Joshua Tree, Lake Powell, Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Palenque, Tulum, Machu Picchu etc. Sightseeing in big cities include San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando, New Orleans, San Diego, Anchorage, Seattle, Vancouver, Lima, Mexico City, Cancun, Lima, Rio de Janeiro, Cuzco, Manaus, Buenos Aires, San Pedro, San Jose, Quito and others.

SUNTREK’s tours and adventure travel itineraries were ideal for budget travelers, young travelers, “young at heart” travelers, active travelers, students, families, independent travelers, backpackers and others.

Sometime around 2008/2009 Suntrek became part of the Intrepid Travel Group, an adventure tour operator from Australia.
Under the name of Intreped-Suntrek I made a Floride trip in 2009.
But sometime later the Suntrek name was removed.


Welcome to the SUNTREK World! SUNTREK’s motto is “Adventure & Fun!”. Our tours provide lots of opportunities to explore the beauty of nature, see wildlife, discover natural wonders, interact with the local people and really get involved in fun activities. Our tours are considered “soft adventure”. On a SUNTREK tour the level of adventure is your choice – we offer it all! You can participate in long or short hikes, go on a comfortable boat tour or raft the rapids, snorkel in the reef or just relax at the beach.

Small groups
Traveling in small groups of no more than 13 people gives you lots of freedom – much like you would have if you were traveling with friends. Small group travel provides safety, security and the right amount of preplanning that independent travel lacks. All our tours are conducted in English.

Our trek leaders
Our trek leaders are carefully selected among travel enthusiasts and outdoor specialists. We train and certify new leaders for USA, Canada and Mexico tours in our own professional trek leader school. The trek leaders are not tour guides in the common sense. They are adventure travel specialists and are there to organize your tour, arrange activities and help you with questions or problems you may have. The trek leader also drives the van.

There may be different trek leaders/drivers for various tour sections. In Central and South America our tours are carried out by local, bilingual tour leaders and guides, so that you may get firsthand knowledge from people who know their country best.

Suntrek operates a large fleet of specially equipped Ford E350 XLT luxury vans in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Each van is specially modified, enabling them to meet the specific demands of this type of travel. They are equipped with powerful 5.4–6.8 liter V8/V10 engines and have automatic transmissions, stereo radio/cassette or CD sound systems, cloth/velour upholstered seats, carpeted interior and air conditioning.

The vans are regularly serviced in our own maintenance facility and continuously checked and serviced by a well established network of maintenance and service facilities throughout the continent. This adds up to the best preventative maintenance program, but technical problems are not always avoidable. All luggage and equipment is carried on our custom-built roof racks or in trailers. Van models in Central and South America include Mercedes Sprinter, Toyota Coaster/ Carrier or similar or smaller vehicles such as minivans and cars. On some tours we will also use ferries, trains, jeeps and overland coaches.

Our flexible itineraries
We’ve allowed plenty of room for freedom and flexibility into our trips. Our trips include the most important sightseeing points and highlights, but there is always room for a choice of activities and other sites along the way. This means that everybody really does have a say in what we do, which makes our way of traveling so interesting. With just the right amount of planning and organization, we can avoid the kind of surprises that you might encounter if you traveled on your own (like not having a place to sleep at your destination or wasting your time driving forever trying to find an attraction).

Our itineraries have been carefully researched and planned by SUNTREK’s team of knowledgeable and experienced travel professionals. Your trek leader will make the tour special.

Guaranteed departures
Suntrek guarantees the departure of every one of the treks in the USA, Alaska & Canada regardless of the number of participants. In Mexico, Central and South America the minimum participant number is typically 4. In order to accommodate small participant numbers in Central and South America we may change the mode of transportation (for example overland coaches).

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